By Hipolito Navarrete, Managing Editor/Publisher

Mueller has delivered his report and many people are speculating what is in it. Many politicos are hoping that the content will prove their positions and many conservatives are feeling that there is vindication to their side, while liberals are focusing on what it means and what to do next. What is necessary is full transparency.

It is important for all of us, regardless of what happens and how much is revealed, that we acknowledge that the very existence of the report gives every citizen the opportunity to feel a bit more confident that the system, as far as this project, worked. The special council was not removed as many feared and we believe Mr. Mueller would do a thorough and professional job. The fear that the special council was going to be dismissed because of a highly partisan environment in the current administration, was mitigated through the rule of law and our democratic need for truth and evidence. This process has provided a working example of what can and should be done as we move forward into what ever shape the next two years look like. This accomplishment by the special council is a critical event that will help address other administrations that may be as problematic as the current one.

The fact is that The Trump family is already suffering the consequences of their actions as they are being investigated in many fronts and by different agencies they thought they could control. They tried to compromise or dismiss the importance of protocol and laws of this country by acting from their own needs and business desires. This will be addressed in courts of law and will continue to be addressed long after Trump is out of office, the damage they have brought on the long term prospect of their family company and any associated with them, will be a warning to anyone that would pertain to do the same in the future. They have woken the judicial services of many states and it has also made those governmental organizations very aware of how to protect their.

The Mueller document will continue to be a very large part of the media landscape until its fully released. Mr. Mueller will also be part of the conversation because as a country we want and need transparency, we are also a people that want to understand why this is happening, but he knows that he will never satisfy the American people, that’s part of his sacrifice. What he has earned is the respect and the gratitude of a people that needed someone they can trust and restore their confidence that there will always be individuals that rise above partisanship and seek truth, justice and the American way.

The oligarchs are taking advantage of this administration so that they can expand and protect their wealth, and that there are many who are willing to sacrifice the country and its laws to the point that they will allow a foreign power to make overt intrusions into its soul. Having a Manchurian candidate would have been extremely disconcerting, now we can deal with the malfeasance of this administration and its cronies and will then turn to those that have tried to invade us. Thank you Mr. Mueller and now we look to the congress to address and rectify the process.