By Hipolito Munoz, Managing Editor/Publisher

The jokes are innocent, the story is epic, the acting is superb the action is inspiring and the values are humane. This “Wonder Woman” origins story captures everything that many other superhero stories are having a challenging time conveying, at the end of the day, how do we relate to their humanity? Wonder Woman, begins and continues to explore her humanity and her choice to stand by the goodness that men can have, although they seem to choose to destroy rather than help each other. She is a superhero that happens to be close to the heart of the choices humans make, and their frailty and to help them survive as they continue to make awful decisions.

At the center of this epic story is compassion. Her decision to continue helping humans in a world almost destroyed by the banality and aggressiveness of mankind reminds us what the cost have been of all the trivial and deceitful work that has become the centerpiece of misogynists, racists and avaricious men hell bent in gratifying their pleasures and filling their coffers at the cost of anyone that they consider and obstacle. Wonder Woman attacks many issues dead center; it utilizes the most powerful medium for change to create conversations. Each member of the group of misfits that is her supporting team has their own truths that will be missed if you only go for the fantastic entertainment experience. “The Chief’s” comment is especially poignant and creates a sense of foreboding in an audience that responded audibly uncomfortably to a truth that we all know and have learned to ignore thanks to this same medium.

“Wonder Woman” can be a game changer, it can be the inspiration that we keep hoping will continue to evolve into a more truthful and authentic reflection of our challenges and a more open and inclusive clear and real history of what others have done to create a world that keeps on being thwarted by those whose focus remains on the trappings of power and money. This film brings to the screen a much-needed depiction of a character that we can relate to in our best moments. Go see it because you deserve to see a film that is as rare a gem as the folks behind its making.