By Polo Munoz, Managing Editor/Publisher

We are seeing a tremendous example of what diversity and inclusion should look like throughout all institutions in the US and throughout the world. At this moment, the cabinet of the incoming president of the United States, Joe Biden, is truly beginning to look like the demographics of this country. That is what the voters who supported extraction from the last four years of an administration filled with corruption, hate, and incompetence wanted.

This is not accidental, President-Elect Joe Biden has been very intentional about his choices, he is considered to be one of the most qualified public service professionals that we have seen in the history of this country, and he is making these choices based on his experience and what he feels are the needs of a country in desperate need of cleansing and evolution to a future that will make this country stronger, smarter, inclusive, mindful and much more powerful than before, this is Putin and his ilk’s nightmare.

Every time a new cabinet position is filled, it is also allowing the governors of those states where those selected come from to choose in the vein of Mr. Biden’s example, and those folks are following it as best as they can. White supremacists are seeing their worst nightmare come to fruition in a moment when they felt they had subjugated the spirit of “life liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” to their own philosophy of selfish and violent exclusion of others.

The next four years will also be a soul searching and reckoning of alleviating the pain and horrors caused by policies promoted by folks like the hateful Steve Miller and too many others to share in this short conversation. There are too many folks that have suffered at the hands of thoughtless, violent, and hateful people to truly comprehend their reasons except for the simple word; racism.

We should have learned and embraced one thing, who people vote for is important, the individuals that we place on positions of public governance are critical, their character matters and their actions are a reflection of what they will do in situations of crisis. All, even those that are not eligible or able to vote, need to be engaged and involved in the political process of this country, from school board elections to the office of the presidency.

It is gratifying and soul warming to see that the citizens of this United States of America have exercised what many folks have died for and what we, philosophically, have sent many young folks to defend or promote all over the world, to express their voice through their vote, and they chose freedom from tyranny and corruption. We are learning to be ourselves again. We are back in the land of possibilities.