photo credit Jessica Rae McMunn

By Polo Munoz, Managing Editor/Publisher

There is a lot of financial, psychological and emotional damage that this administration is purposely implementing in to society daily. This planned violence is a result of the pressure that they are feeling to deliver to their constituents, they want to complete the promises made to those that voted for them.

People should not be shocked to see what is happening in the streets and how the administration has used the pandemic to create a separation between not only communities, but individuals in order to either maintain a status quo that their constituents benefit from or to reverse more inclusive and humanistic laws that benefit everyone in the community.

This administration played on one overwhelming feeling of their constituents; they do not consider themselves to be common, they feel they are special, through their religion, skin tone, financial status or the trifecta, all three. Everyone else is either not welcomed, or irrelevant to the world they want to live in. There is no doubt that they have been thwarted by the organizations and individuals that keep standing in their way as they try and pull everyone back to their version of supremacy and control.

What has been surprising to observers is how people have come together and showcased how the world can respond to tyranny and how it is possible to fight the power of hate. These folks latching on to a government that now has made it explicit that it represents them, have no reason and need no reason for their hate, many of these folks delight in the pleasure they experience when they hurt those they hate. It is difficult to write this, because it is hard to believe that this is true, but the evidence is there.

Social media has been the most powerful and influential tool for all of us to come to an understanding that what abused communities have been reporting for centuries and allies have documented, is still commonplace and in some cases protocol. These responses are not new and they were designed manage the expectations of those who have pleaded to be treated humanely and equally; now they are demanding it, and they will win.

What is much more impressive and heartening is that people from all different communities have risen up and continue to demand not just for themselves but also for those that have been targeted, because they feel it’s not fair and they want the injustices to stop. They are willing to challenge those that have been enlisted to maintain the status quo. What is critical is that they also have learned that it is important to codify their demands into laws and make sure they choose and support high caliber individuals that will make sure will stand up to the tyrannical tendencies of  those that prefer to subjugate than to understand.

They have also learned to create their own stories from a perspective that is most personal and distribute those stories through social media platforms effectively. Those stories have created connections throughout the world and that experience has encouraged and taught to question the curated narratives that have allowed for the violence to continue and in some cases celebrated. That violence has become tradition for many of those that need to hurt others in order to feel they are relevant. How can a group of people feel that they could lynch a man in 2020 without giving it a second thought? Just because he happened to walk into where they were having a picnic; who thinks like that? This administration, its cronies, and its supporters think like that.