By Hipolito Navarrete, Managing Editor/Publisher

Dr. Jill Stein may still become the heroine of this election year. Her defiant attitude toward the results of the election has emboldened her to act on behalf of a shocked electorate and her actions have been answered with astonishing support. Many of her supporters that have responded to her call to help finance an election recount are now experiencing the type of online activism that is tangible, and that can make a difference in real results. This can encourage them to stay engaged throughout the non presidential years. Because of the recount vote call to action, something else much more powerful has now been ignited, the willingness for keyboard activists to put up and not shut up.

I had the opportunity to donate when they had collected a bit over $32,000 and watching the number grow fast reminded me on how the US electorate, I would say American, but this does not necessarily happen in Mexico or any part of Central or South America, and so far our neighbors up north don’t seem to need this type of tool, to respond to a troublesome political situation. What I have, and many who have donated have experienced is a feeling that we are regaining a bit of control and can still manage a situation that would put the US system of governance into a precipice that was never expected to fall into, corporate opportunism. Corporations and their CEO’s worry primarily about financial results rather than the well being of their employees, unless that is part of a business proposition that bring in more revenue. Citizens would be are only valuable when they are not a cost center; guess where the poor lie.

So this is a new opportunity for activists who still need to be at work Monday through Friday and some all the time because well… bills. This is an opportunity to fund those neglected institutions that are now becoming very relevant to the integrity of a country that is still struggling to make it to the promised land. The constitution, this is the opinion of many constitutional scholars, is now under threat. Money has always been the tool of the wealthy to achieve its goals and circumvent the electorate, but now they can donate and donate gratefully to those institutions that will be at the forefront of keeping the dream of life, liberty and justice for all…. alive.