By Hipolito Munoz, Managing Editor

Regardless of Donald Trump’s idiotic ranting about a whole nation and its people, here is one thing I noticed as we decided to stand firm and claim the dignity defiled, we need to look at the history of the places we come from, or we are going to be blindsided as we work our way through our new home. Donald Trump does have a tremendous amount of social prestige based on what people perceive to be a strong business acumen. True or not, it does not matter, other people with power believe that and that is why he will survive and why the folks that spoke out so elegantly and gave up a large amount of personal income need to be celebrated and supported. And not just with applause, but we need to make sure they are financially protected by making sure we follow their other projects as they need to replace this money they just sacrificed.

As I started to do some more research, I found this documentary based on the book, “Mexico Barbaro,” written by John Turner in 1908, which gives us an idea of the Mexico that existed before the revolution of 1910. Just as the United States has a bloody and tragic history as well as beautiful story because of those that stood for others that were being hurt, so does Mexico. There is a system now that has created the needs for the proletariat people of Mexico to always look away to other opportunities for their family and their own future, at this moment in 2015 is the violence and fear, which sadly enough, seemed to be the same reason more than 100 years before.

The conversation must be real and we must address the inequities that have brought Mexico to where it is now. Those that have power, through property or liquid money, must understand that unless that resources are shared through fair practices, this bloody cycle will never end.

The documentary is in Spanish and it was produced and directed by filmmaker Oscar Menendez in 1966.

If you want to read the book,