By Hipolito Munoz, Managing Editor

Its all Greek to the financial companies that took a risk on the Greek economy, in order to make money, and tried to starve the Greek working poor in order to make their money back. Well, no one is out of the woods yet, but here is a larger lesson; lending is a risk, and the Greeks just reminded everyone.

There is a popular movement that is now pushing back on financial folks who in some cases are using the system that they have set up, in order to have no risk. In many cases governments work hand in hand with those institutions because they are the same institutions that helped finance their elections so it turns out politics is a business, and we all knew that.

What will happen now? No one really knows. Most pundits are rife with excitement because they get to predict, just like they got to predict President Obama’s lame duck years.

This is also a push back on those politicos that are now working not on the service of the people, but in the opportunity to develop wealth for those that are able to lend or “donate” to them the money to continue to get elected. There was a group of disenfranchised folks that was not being represented and those were the folks that are trying to make ends meet. Once that became everyone in Greece, well you know the result.

This is a great read: