By Hipolito Munoz, Managing Editor

The USA Women’s Soccer Team won. That should be all that should be posted in this column and in a fair society we would all celebrate their skill, their drive, their sacrifice and their passion. But this is a world of inequity and personal justification for all the inequities women; our mothers our sisters suffer at the hands of everyone. Including other women. We have a world system where we use our personal beliefs and power to control others, especially women. Those with financial power want to make sure they don’t lose it, so they form monstrosities such as “Citizen’s United” and those well oiled political hands, made sure it happened, but I digress.

We constantly see women achieving incredible feats in athletics, business, government, and in the military, and generally there will be a sophomoric attempt to qualify such events as singular. Well they are not, and we need to look at the whole world as a place for work to be done. The range of examples is atrocious from female babies killed, to young female children being sold on the internet to fulfill the “needs” of a family.

What we need to do, is to take those girl in our life; wife, daughter, friend and just give them the respect and share the opportunities that you have earned or been give, with them. Who knows what will happen, your wife may laugh at you, your daughter may become your business partner, and after the uncomfortable, “why are you really doing this?” from some of your girl friends, they will come to trust that you do have the best intentions in heart. Don’t do it for them, do it for you, you will sleep better and those women who just won the World Cup, will be honored in best way possibel, that you took the evidence that shows that we are all the same and are all deserving.