By Hipolito Munoz, Managing Editor

Over a period of my 5 college years, I lost a year because of unseen circumstances, I was in essence trained by 12 experts in their field, created a network that I am now still connected to and was exposed to new fields that I did not know existed. As an immigrant from central rural Mexico, to the streets of South LA, I had no clue what to do. My father and step mother were just keen on making sure my brother and I could get an education, but were not sure what we would do after except follow dad to the foundry.

So when I hear folks talk about the “unnecessary” college waste, I just want to ask them to tell me their story, because eventually you will find that they already had a recognizable skill as a kid, or someone in the family network was able to provide a vision for their future. In general, the poor do not have these people available to them. That is why they are struggling continuously looking for a way out. They are on a cycle that they must spend their day trying to get ahead of the cost of life.

Some successful entrepreneurs, particular in music, are also sending the unfortunate message that they must just get theirs, without thinking that the reason they get theirs, is that they are helping other folks around them get theirs also. And, they generally enlist the support of well educated, college trained, professionals around them. NWA was the beneficiary of Jerry Heller’s guidance. Think Drake is from the street? Well, I am not sure what street surrounds Yale University, but that is part of his stomping ground.

There are wealthy folks that are also encouraging young folks to drop out of college;, but I would also suggest to review what schools are the ones targeted and who are these youth that are being accepted.

College is a pathway that develops our youth through constant exposure and education to not just a job, a career. That piece of paper also gives the recipient options to careers that the individual did not consider when she first got into the job market.

It is irresponsible, foolish and damaging to suggest that an education through college is a waste of time, it’s the clearest pathway for any one of any age to follow the promise of our great country; “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”