By Hipolito Munoz, Managing Editor/Publisher

This past year has been a rough one for all United States citizens, and by citizen I mean an inhabitant of a particular town or city in this land. It has bolstered many folks that have been resenting the “others” to attack openly fellow citizens and spew vitriol without regard of consequence. They feel protected and legitimized by their representative in the white house. Many of these folks feel that the “others” have usurped their world, their institutions and their personal benefits, and they are angry and are desperate enough to act out and take revenge.

They seem to feel that they are in the middle of the zombie apocalypse and the zombies are the people of color they hate because they are being eaten alive by the physical and emotional needs of the “others,” possibly because they are having a tough time providing for themselves, just as many of those they attack. Because many of these good citizens see those who have “victimized” them as the intruders and outsiders, they have allowed and encouraged the current administration to attack those same government institutions that they feel are benefiting the “others” without considering that the folks that will also be hurt are they. They still have not connecting the dots that those in this administration also sees them as the “other.” This administration has now emboldened many angry racists to march and celebrate acts of violence, physical and verbal, that creates a disturbing connection with anyone that is looking for someone to blame for their personal fears and challenges.

These folks are not just white, poor and uneducated. They run the gamut, there are even people of color supporting these policies while ignoring the actions that are happening where they would be victimizes, Stephen Miller, Ben Carson and other folks whose experience one would think would allow them to see past their anger and prejudices, unless they have decided to embrace those as their view of the world, and it seems many of the folks in the administration have, and they are validating the views of those that can execute their whims.

Life is not easy; it has never been especially for those that the wealthy use as pawns for their benefit. Some of the wealthy, regardless of color and country, have always used society’s tools to maintain the status quo and when that begins to change they use those in need, to attack those that are different by creating a fake bond that fulfills the hope of those that need some type of validation that they are more than those they hate not just like them.