By Hipolito Munoz, Managing Editor/Publisher

What is Christmas about? What are the Holidays about? Why are they so important? Even today, many folks are still running around trying to find the perfect gifts, steeling themselves for very uncomfortable family situations, or are lost in the wistful romanticism created by filmmakers who pen stories that are incredible and very distant from the real life most of us lead.

Christmas, as all other holidays, can give us an opportunity to think, to sit and really reflect on ourselves, and our well-being. This sounds selfish to some, but how are you going to be a healthy contributor to our world, if you are not “right with yourself?”

This is the ultimate gift, to remind ourselves that we can change our selves or our paths, and that the decision starts with each of us. Those that touch our lives or just cross our paths deserve the best of us and those that are hurting deserve our support and attention. Two broken and tired people can’t help each other, they will comfort each other, but they won’t heal each other, unless they are aware that they need to care for themselves and can be each others supporter, not caregivers.

We are in a crisis as a people we have lost compassion for the world and each other, we have lost the willingness to see others through their own lens. We are in a hurry to make sure we are okay, forgetting that in order for us to be safe and happy, others must be safe and happy. This day is about others, and their relation to us. Those in crisis will not be able to think outside of themselves because they are in trouble and are looking for immediate solutions, those of us who are able to take a respite from the difficulties and harshness of daily life, must assess and accept our responsibility for those that we do not see, so that we do not become those that are not seen.

Merry Christmas…