By Hipolito Navarrete, Managing Editor/Publisher

So with close to around 100,000,000 people of color in the US, how is it that some of the more racist aspects of the US community feel comfortable to threaten them with intimidation through promise of violence and with perceived impunity?

Although many of these folks voted from the fear of losing an America that they recognize and feel comfortable with, and it falls on us to reach out to them and include them in our lives, as California and New York have done, to help them understand that we are here because we believe in the ideals of America and the promise of a better life and to not feel so threatened by the inevitable growth of these communities. It is not the moment for people of color to shrink in fear, it is the moment to recognize the presence that these Trump voters fear and help them understand that their fears are misplaced. There is however a fringe of people that have been waiting for the opportunity to arise and exert violence on anyone that they do not like. We are still several months away from the inauguration of the president elect and we are already seeing the attacks on those they hate. The solution is probably in our cellphones again, film them and spread the word. Let them find each other so they can burn in their hatred toward humanity together. Those folks start where they feel the lowest hanging tree is. At this time, they think is at schools. They will be emboldened when they start seeing deportations and the police, which the FBI has show has been invaded by white supremacists, are more open about their own anger toward anyone that would challenge them. This I expect will happen, but hope that my American optimism will prove to me that I was wrong.

However, my toughest personal question is where are the Christians who were such a powerful voice in getting their new idol elected? Are they possibly feeling some shame behind the real reason they voted for him, fear of losing relevance? Do they not understand that they won many years ago? Over 70% of the population is self identified as Christian, Jews make up around 2.2 % and just about 1% is of the Muslim faith. Why are we so afraid of the foreigner? Is it because they know intimately what a foreign community can do to its natives? So how do a religious group stay quiet while other people now have to deal with the anger being acted out by angry racists through violence and through intimidation? My goodness the LGBTQ population in the US is less than 3.5% where is the fear coming from. It’s coming from the isolation that has been fostered by some folks that have created a market approach to politics, rather than the more complex demographic driven approach. People have been reduced to market opportunities rather than dignified humans, especially those that are feeling the weight of irrelevance.