By Hipolito Munoz, Managing Editor/Publisher

Ronda Rousey lost and people went ballistic. All kinds of comments about her being mouthy, un professional, conceited, etc, etc. Well, what the heck did you expect, for her to win constantly with no defeats? That would only mean that there would be no real reason to watch any more of her fights. Now, even I am interested in watching the next match up.

This is not about Rousey being a bad sport, this is about the caliber of fighters getting better. The fact that Holly Holm took full advantage of Ronda’s character from the weigh in was genius. Holly smacked her when they first met, and as Ronda describes herself as being fully prepared and ready to beat some ass, that “disrespectful” strategic action from Holly, put her on the path of revenge rather than a path to win.

Our attention should be on Holly Holm and how she trained to fight Ronda. Her attention to strategy and her training regimen should be what we should be discussing, not trying to shame Ronda for her willingness to accept her status as a champion who has catapulted our interest on Women’s UFC.

Now that there are two powerful women at the helm of this sport, things are more interesting. Is Ronda coming back for a rematch… I will pay to see that. Just as a side note, check out this letter from Oscar de la Hoya to Floyd Mayweather;