By Hipolito Navarrete, Managing Editor/Publisher

So, how do we start this conversation? I will start by addressing my very specific community of Mexican men. How are you preparing your children, especially your young men to be compassionate? Are you showing respect to your partner; female or male? Are your children being taken cared of emotionally even if you are struggling financially? Have you asked your daughter how she is doing? Are you more scared that she is going to be an embarrassment rather than the powerful woman that can change the world? Or is that just reserved for your boys?


We can no longer be easy on those men that act out violently through their actions or their comments. Having suffered is not a reason to make others suffer, having been hurt is no reason to hurt others. We are better than that. I see every day Mexican men, and I include those of Mexican descent, who sometimes have embraced a culture that they do not understand only because it allows them to act out their macho fantasies. As much as I love Mexican music, all types, we have coded into a the rhythm and stanzas, very problematic messages which many in our community act out.

Our music is still focused on the macho self esteem that has caused much of the violence in Mexico and that has threatened the opportunities for emotional growth for our children, and in many cases it has inspired the death of many. I may seem that I am making unsubstantiated claims and if you are angry, good, then take a look and see what is happening with your immediate clan, and if its good, then start expanding that blanket of love to others. We do not have a choice. As a community that is growing and will be part of the largest ethnic group in this nation, we need to act as leaders and we need to develop opportunities and healthy emotional opportunities and safe spaces for those youth that will become the drivers of this country to become more compassionate and empathetic citizens.