By Hipolito Navarrete, Managing Editor/Publisher

There are films that give the audience the opportunity to emote the frustration, sadness, anger and elegance of those that are affected by those seemingly thoughtless demagogues who we think are not aware of the destruction they bring upon the world, or don’t care and those characters that care deeply about the world “Beatriz at Dinner” brings those two characters together and its uncomfortable, infuriating and tragic and funny but not in a joyous way.

As we experience an environment of hostility and vitriolic, violent confrontations, the questions is what are we as a society hoping, able and willing to do. Is this the end of civility in our country? We mistake this for the end of civilization, its not. It is a moment to deeply understand the fractures and brakes that have been haunting humanity since its inception. The world is not dying, humans are committing suicide, we are creating an environment that allows for all to have an excuse to hurt each other and find an excuse for it in the most sacred books. The inherent value of this film is much more than the excellent acting and the beautiful iconic shots, it is in its Aristotelian execution. This tragic moment offers a very distinct view of what could happen and how it could happen if you meet your nemesis, the cause of much of your grief. The world we live in is very interconnected and we are marching toward the total immersion of the others yet we lack the clear comprehension of the self, a recipe for confusion and destruction.

What is important in this film depends on the viewer. This story is one of many jewels that are highly necessary to create a clear visual of what we think we would do because of who we feel we are.