By Hipolito Navarrete, Managing Editor/Publisher

4th of July, 2017 is upon us and we are at risk of losing our minds because we have come face to face with those that would rather celebrate their freedom at the expense of the “others” the ones that, in their mind, should continue to suffer because they do not deserve a place at the table. This is a particularly peculiar Day of Independence, to say the least.

Machiavelli is the main influence of those in political control and they are not concerned about those that are suffering because those that are scared and angry have told them that. This 4th of July the question is not about celebrating freedom, but about whose freedom is celebrated and whose freedom is inconsequential, and who makes that decision.

This 4th of July 2017, we are finally free to confront the strong hold Vice has on our US culture. We are a people that have become so focused on the individual that we are willing to kill or at the least, let those we feel unworthy die because it aligns with our beliefs, in some cases, our religious beliefs. We have been heading here for a long time and in the last year, it has become very evident that in some people’s minds people are not created equal and are willing to align themselves with foreign powers in order to regress to what they believe is a cultural community much more comfortable for them.

There is no mystery on how we got here, jut read, the proposals, the execution and the enforcement is very well documented. Those that fostered, encouraged and have been executing the plan are in the open. They are not about the Constitution; they are about the wealth the world can give them so that they can live the type of life that gives them the most profound pleasure.

Why celebrate the 4th of July? Because the founding fathers also saw this coming, they gave us the tools and the message on the declaration of independence. With all their flaws and their confusing actions, they proposed a cultural dynamic that was different and more humane and their message rings true and calls for action, not just frustration and paralysis. However you celebrate the 4th of July, understand that the moniker freedom isn’t free, does not just stand for our military sons and daughters and fathers and mothers to be fighting and dying in foreign lands, it calls for all of us to resist the tyrannical ranting of those willing to ignore the Constitution and The Declaration of Independence and the work of all people, many times involuntary, that created this beautiful land. The land of the free is also the land of the compassionate and of the brave, the truthful and the loving… this land is our land.