By Hipolito Navarrete, Managing Editor/Publisher

For 8 years the 44th President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama, stood under the brightest spotlight in the world and managed to elegantly and nobly absorb every conceivable sleight launched at him continuously, because he is black. Because the hue of his skin, because of the chosen name, because of his success. There is no question that the greatest gift he has given the people of the United States and the world is, to just be… just to be. He embodies the best that a striving American can achieve. He has pursued the best education, the best platform for change and the best family he can help create. He has achieved all of this under the angry eyes of those that hate him because of his color. Folks blame him for so many things; they have become blind to all the achievements that he led his team to accomplish under the duress of an angry electorate and their representatives. They battled every thing he had to say because they know that thoughts that come out as statement can turn to actions, they knew that he would pursue policies that would provide better opportunities for those disenfranchised folks living in his natal land. He angered many because he cared for all, including those they hate, because he is black.

Whatever former President Obama has accomplished is being challenged by the new administration, and the new administration has the absolute right to do so. This will help either solidify the strength of the programs Obama developed, or will become the springboard for new programs that will allow the general public to see what the real intentions of the campaign trail actually are. There was much divisiveness in the rhetoric of the new president, and his new policies are now giving evidence that he will undo policies that benefit many beneficiaries, because those beneficiaries have become lazy. How is it that Obama Care is still believed by a third of those covered to be different from the Affordable Care Act? These beneficiaries prefer to believe that someone they do not care about because he is black did not pass the ACA. Steve Bannon is not angry that many of his fans are being taken cared of by the government, he is angry that a non-white president pushed for their care.