By Hipolito Navarrete, Managing Editor/Publisher

As the world’s population becomes larger and less sustainable, the conceptual economy keeps expanding the divide between those that create and those that produce. As an example, Robotics has become a tremendously attractive and lucrative opportunity for a small group of folks, as the technology economy in general has proven itself to be. Many times, those two groups of owners are one and the same. This is one of the results of a system that separates people through a financial divide.

Opportunities to develop skill sets that would allow a child from a poor neighborhood create a new world for them selves are still there, but we have put a price to it using the most politically charged and misleading question, who is going to pay for it. As if those opportunities in the past were not paid for by the public. Those that found opportunity have expanded their financial world by charging for those things that they had access to inexpensively or in some cases  were give it for free at a time when opportunity for “all” was focused on the homogeneous group in power. In order for those opportunities to be limited to new beneficiaries, we have clouded the language of opportunity and use the financial burden as a reference for a world that needs the same opportunities but is much more heterogeneous, we have created a culture of sarcasm, disdain and dismissiveness, which is the perfect cover and shield for a group that wants to maintain its financial sovereignty.

Most of our citizens feel that their votes mean nothing and that their efforts to change their situation would be wasted, in essence, those with financial power and power networks have succeded in paralizing them and if this feeling does not change, those with financial power will always succeed. The strategies to subdue and destroy the mindset of the struggling individuals have been designed to create long-term obstacles and create a perception of support from those that would subjugate them, ask our presidential candidates.


We continue to celebrate Horatio Alger stories, even though those that continue to perpetrate them on the general population have more in common to Richie Rich and lately to Uncle Scrooge Mc Duck. How do we allow a hateful misogynist to gain such a foothold in this country? Just take a look and listen to your hateful uncle or dad, and there you have the answer.

Communities can bring back the compassion needed to celebrate and support the development of talent and hope that is inherent within all communities. In some cases, this sense of respect for all members of forgotten and dismissed communities would be introduced for the first time, their vote will demand that. The consequences of a culture of anger and violent bravado are now at our footsteps, they have not fully settled into all our households, but it has been for certain wondering around our perimeter for ages, in some cases from the beginning of the foundation of this great nation.

The political bottom line is that voting is a powerful tool that all individual citizens of the United States can use strategically to provide power to those individuals they feel best represent them. It is always about the consciousness of the person asking to be given the power to execute and promote ideas that would expand or limit the use of legal tools used to manage the populations. The presidential election could cost as much as 5 billion dollars. Adding all the investment in the local elections, would give you an idea of the value of your vote as a citizen. Use your vote strategically, what kind of society do you want, then you need to research, which candidates may help develop that future and support the needs in the present. Change begins immediately.