By Hipolito Navarrete, Publisher/Managing Editor

The Trump train of lies, vulgarity and anger keeps on trolling through the United States and those that are now considering the old lying sack… a true contender are coming to his aid, but of course they are looking out for the America that used to be. The one where a small groups of powerful (people with money) dictated most of the decisions and told their ilk that everything was going to be alright because their uncle is now taking up their flags for one of the most powerful seats in the world.

We are living in wonderful and scary times. Healthy, brave folks are calling out injustices every day. They are spotlighting many injustices; from the treatment of refugees that are running away from certain death through man made means or at the hands of men, and to the horrific slaughter of innocent and not so innocent victims but nor properly taken through the US justice system.

It is time to look past Trump and start taking a very close look at his supporters. We have a unique opportunity to really come face to face with those that hate, simply hate anyone and anything that they do not like. They do not have answers, they do not have conversations, however they have demands and are willing to use violence and lies to achieve them. Their focus is to keep what they feel they are slowly losing, and bring back a time when they felt their power, and used it the same way they have used it when there are “intruders” in their rallies .

Trumps “fans,” as he refers to the “Trumpeteers,” have finally found an influential person through whom they can scream their fears and their anger. Trump always repeats what they say and doesn’t face the recrimination of a country that is changing and is allowing for this to happen because that is part of its DNA. It’s a rough show to watch, but we should be proud that we can resist the urge to do to them what they will certainly want Candidate Trump to do to those that do not agree if he is elected. Let’s be clear, Trump does not understand the position he is running for and he will do a lot of damage. If he does understand, and is gaming the system as many claim, we are in a lot of trouble, and so are the legislators he will be facing.