This president lies. There is no doubt that he thinks he is telling truths, but his whole life has been one of bombastic claims and hyperbole because he is a ring master. The Republicans that support and encourage his antics are now full aware that Trump has no other buttons, he says what others tell him he should say and does what he is told to do, even if he believes he may be doing something different.

His supporters are getting the emotional satisfaction that someone is saying lofty things that regardless of their fallacy, it feels good. It feels like something they would say and because he is President, everyone should just listen and be cheery, or at least take it, just as they remember to have done under President Obama. They do not care if they are not correct, they just want to be right and justified about feeling oppressed and ignored under the presidency of a man who was trying to make sure they and their children were okay, but that president, was black, and that was that.

There are many problems that people of color have faced with many government institutions, and what Trump is doing is using those experiences and pounding agencies such as the FBI (MLK, Cesar Chavez, Malcom X,) the CIA (banana republics, toppled governments) but he is not going after the other institutions that have maligned people of color and although they have created opportunities for the “general” population, they have also destroyed their opportunities to rise above: the Corporations.

Trump and his partners, Nunez et al, lie because it is good for their pocket book and for their personal perception. They are the ones that in their worldview, get it and either we get it, or we can starve to death or kill each other, as long as they are not bothered. All of the congress representatives and the senators, are now able to obfuscate in order to push and champion things that would have been considered absurd, unethical and inhuman before most other administrations. They have gladly taken Trumps lead in order to do anything they have been wanton to do, but were before prevented on doing it, at least because of ethics. Those days are gone, the days of wild wild west politics is back and it wont stop until some one or some more people get hurt, but they are going to have to be part of the “general population,” because in their eyes, that is who counts. His lying also covers those folks that have deep hate for those they feel are subhuman, Tami Lahren, Alex Jones, Steve Bannon and pushes forth the agenda of racists bigots like Stephen Miller, a Jewish man, who seems to hate anyone who is not like him.

The fact is that we are seeing an aggressive shift to totalitarianism, an attack on all institutions designed to protect the democracy from folks like him. We shall see who wins, but I am betting on the ideals of this country, not sure about many of my countrymen, especially those administering it for the next two to three years.