By Polo Munoz, Managing Editor/Publisher

There is so much to discuss in this year’s Thanksgiving table, we can chastise, as I will, the crazy uncle who is still holding on to his rage and has outed himself as an angry, unlikable idiot, but that will only take a couple of seconds of my time.

The rest will be spent giving thanks for those beautiful souls who have helped me see how much love and caring there is for the soul of this country and ALL of its people. Individuals are fighting to recuperate and continue to evolve to a moral compass that will guide us to the needed evolution what has been lost in the last tumultuous years. We are moving into an era of full truth and full discomfort as some of the savage history of this country is being disclosed and individuals who benefited from it are being identified. The work being done to transform the US into the dream of those that have been subjected to the terrors of injustice have hoped for, is being rewarded by the population who wants to live peacefully and gracefully with all of their neighbors. The dreams of Lincoln, Dr. King, Malcolm X, Sojourner Truth, Cesar Chavez and many who have struggled for civil rights for all is still moving forward. It now rests on all our shoulders to earn the right to leave peacefully, the responsability falls on all of us, not just people of color or those from disenfranchised communities.

When I arrived in the US in 1979, I experienced the derision and aggression that many that looked like me had experienced; comments and aggression from both the police and locals who felt their anger and disgust toward me were unchecked; and somehow I felt that it was justified, I was an outsider. Over the years, I found many folks of different backgrounds and colors that advocated for me and guided me and my confusion grew because according to many, I was not deserving, in fact I should not feel entitled, as they were. It was later in life that I adopted a phrase for my daily life, “prove those that believe in you right.” And although it still drives many decisions in my life, I now know that it was adopted out of a need for clarity and survival.

I am thankful that there is a larger voice and a larger spirit that is willing to tackle the inequities that have been created, all over the world, by those that want to dominate those around them, and that although it will take time and sacrifice we will create a better world for all of us.

Thanksgiving is about being grateful and being aware of what we have; and we must also keep in mind what we must do. Have a wonderful day with family, friends or just with yourself!