By Hipolito Navarrete, Publisher/Managing Editor

As we approach the 2016 elections and Donald S. Trump has been given the trophy by his “fans” and the Republicans that are now in shock, but still trying to figure out an angle that would allow them to unify before their racist, misogynistic candidate, the Democrats are acting like idiots. They are taking the bait being given to them by those that would want to separate their vote so that their obvious rival can beat them to the White House.

The lack of civility between the Clinton and Sanders camp continues to grow and deepen. This is the time to start looking for common ground because it is going to take a huge effort to bring these two camps together. It is irrational to keep attacking each other deeply and foolishly. We are at the moment that we must act like family, we have our rough and strong differences, but we must tolerate and if possible support each other in order to not fall victim to our own emotions. The consequences of unbridled stupidity and emotional diatribe between the supporters of Mr. Sanders and Mrs. Clinton would be a presidency that neither of them wants.



There is no choice here of staying home or voting for the other party out of spite, those that decide that to be the best choice, never meant to continue addressing the larger issues of a society on the brink, they are also demagogues like their nemesis, who ever they decide that person is.

There is only one choice to avoid a catastrophic presidency and that choice is to unify and to propose a movement that will carry on the new awareness and willing ness to fight that has been awakened by this grotesque political climate driven by unscrupulous media executives and angry, disenfranchised, violent supporters of the Republican nominee to be.

There is no question that there are stark differences and histories between the Sanders and the Clinton supporters, but there are also many bridges that can develop into national policies that can create opportunities for those that are the most vulnerable and also develop new avenues for business growth for those that need the most support, not just large companies that irresponsibly divorce themselves from the communities that sustain them.

These two camps must not inherit the vitriolic attitude and demoralizing aggression that has been the weapon used by the 2016 Republican nominee to be, and his minions, in order to derail his opponents. This is a moment to recalibrate and recapture the promise of the Declaration of Independence, Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. This is a moment to return to the noble roots of dialogue and constructive collaboration.

A moment of sobriety….