By Hipolito Munoz, Managing Editor/Publisher

With so much information online, much of it relevant, much of it inane, some of it insane, all of it dangerous, why is it that the world keeps ignoring, avoiding or dismissing the actions of those that are out to hurt others? This is not an easy question to answer, especially because many of this country’s residents are just trying to survive, some of them with incomes way above what we would consider basic needs income.

The politics of presidential elections brings out the dark, creepy world of those that know they do not share the views of a fair and equitable world. They just don’t see those that look different from themselves as equal, and they see these moments as an opportunity to protect themselves from the intruders and because there is still an ingrained perception that we could always do better, financially, physically, and romantically, etc. There is very little to support the idea that we must conform our lives to what we have and who we are. So these folks, like the Koch brothers or Donald Trump thrive in the midst of a world that is scared for them, not realizing that the bogeymen are now pursing the power to enslave them.

May be one reason is that we experience the incongruity of what we see in media; film, TV, radio, online, versus what we live every day and we are inconsolably distraught to the point that we take actions to resolve that perceived inequality and we jump into a game that we can not win because marketers and advertisers have made us consider one trouble some question: Yes, but are you happy? This question has been promoted and developed into epic stories through all types of media.

There is the danger for those that do need to pursue better lives through actions that will help them leave difficult circumstances to accept the situations that they had no choice in creating. There are many solutions and ways to make a better world for all, but there must first be an awakening of a most important emotion in all of us… compassion for all of us.