By Hipolito Munoz, Managing Editor/Publisher

We think, may be, that this happened as it was told to us by someone’s friend so it must be true. This seems to be what the Mexican TV “News” coverage has been reduced to, if it ever was an entity to really provide information to its citizenry. There is so much more to know about how the Mexican folks suffer and how difficult it has been to just try and find justice and opportunities for themselves and their children. There may be in a distant future, no need for people to leave to find a way to live somewhere else, as of now, there are more Mexicans going back to Mexico, then coming to the US. So that may be a start.

Although, there is this fictional film “La Perfecta Dictadura,” a film by Luis Estrada about TV electing a president in Mexico, sounds familiar?

This is of course the damage that we are beginning to fall prey to here in the United States. As my conversations with my family in Mexico continue, several of them have also recommended, “Teletirania,” although it is mislabeled as the film “La Perfecta Dictatura,” this documentary does present many elements that we should know about the history of TV in Mexico.

This documentary, although there is a strong element of being pro Andres Lopez Obrador, it does not deviate from the focus of its revelations regarding Mexican TV stations and the Mexican political class. May be that element is the reason this documentary was able to be produced and aired. We are not pro Obrador or against Obrador. What we do know, is that, as an outsider/insider, he has a view of the Mexican government and the Mexican Media entities that allows him to opine from a much closer chair than many. His being a public political figure, also may have given safe political coverage for this documentary. Watch it and make your own opinion.

One of the most telling moments of the story is when the narrator of the documentary asserts that the daily life of the citizens is a product in which the “chaos of the nation is a reality show.”

Although I have searched for more facts regarding this topic of Mexico and how it got to its current situation, I can only accept that the route is going to be a life long endeavor, but family deserves that.