By, Hipolito Munoz, Managing Editor/Publisher

So why is it that the Mexican people seem to suffer their situation with what seems disconsolate acceptance of their tragic situation of their public education system? As I speak to family members deep in Mexico, they began to send me some of their thoughts and films that might give us a better idea of their plight, and unfortunately, but not surprisingly, they point to the institutions that should be helping them and the betrayal of trust. If we see in the US that education is the great equalizer, well in Mexico, that opportunity has been destroyed by those that claimed to be its biggest proponents. Their first recommendation was simple, watch, “De Panzazo,” a documentary written by Carlos de Loret de Mola and Mario Gutierrez Vega.

Frankly, and I admit with some shame, because I did not expect the level of awareness about their plight, that I was surprised to get this recommendation from one of the poorest folks in my family. I was delighted that she is so aware of the situation because she lives it, there is a tendency by those of us who immigrated to the US to dismiss their pain. This comment was voiced by several women: “Did you know that Roberto’s (not his real name) teacher is only a teacher because he inherited his father’s position, he is not qualified to teach because he never went to school.” The indictment of the school system in Mexico is not new, but sadly its not a priority because of the tremendous amount of crime happening in rural areas, some of it includes repression by those that are supposed to protect them. Most folks are just trying to eek some sustenance for their daily lives.

Mexicans do not see any change in the future, that is why the national saying, as they seem to have adopted it a personal theme is: “Ni Modo.” The most concise way to translate this from the perspective of those I spoke with is an alarming: “there is nothing we can do.” And, if you have had the chance to live there or interact with the citizenry on a meaningful manner, you know that this is very likely true.

Filmmakers seem to be the ones that are bringing a ray of hope through their story telling and the pursuit of a dream to make Mexico a nation worthy of its people.