By Hipolito Munoz, Managing Editor/Publisher

I have met several New Yorkers just like Jessica Jones, the attitude anyways, which proves to me that authenticity is not a problem for this character. You will believe who she is, because of her definite New York vibe. She has the feel of a wounded soul and that is what helps connect her to many that are surviving at this time, in their own purgatory.

The noir feel of the story seems to be in the same fold as that of “Daredevil,” the other Netflix show I seem to have gotten hooked on. The practicality of the story and the subtle introduction to her powers make her, not the powers, the central character of the story. The story’s “feel” is given away in a one liner as she tries to explain her career as a private investigator, it also hints at Jessica’s view of life; “booze costs money.”

The strength of her appeal is to say what she likes and do what she wants, or so we think. She is a vulnerable, tortured soul with superpowers. She lives in a world she has no control over. Her current situation, as the pilot episode establishes, is more of a hideout, than a choice. She lives in fear, just like many people, except they don’t have superpowers.

Take a look at this video from IGN explaining back in 2013 who Jessica Jones is. There are many spoilers if you are not aware of the Marvel Universe, so click with caution.

This is the life of a strong young woman who is trying to move on after a tragic encounter with a mysterious villain who has full controls her, up to now. Her steps to freedom come with a decision on weather to face her fears or keep hiding. If she keeps hiding there will be no show.