By Hipolito Navarrete, Managing Editor/Publisher

What is happening in 2016? Look around at all types of impactful events that are changing the landscape our world and possibly the future of humanity, and to add to our anxieties we have Elon Musk preparing us for space travel. We are now also able to experience the violent and destructive events happening all over the world in real time; through social media, we can now see how we destroy each other… live. We are discovering that we are still not as evolved as we imagine ourselves to be.


That realization fills many with anxiety, but hope can be found through real information, real understanding of what is happening around you. Do your research; get a grip and start investigating the people, events and situations that have you stuck or afraid. There is nothing that cannot be found out by investing the time to follow the trail. We are in our current state of affairs because we have followed the marketing plan of folks invested in the idea that we must be led because we are too stupid to think for ourselves or just too lazy and busy. Any company or person that is trying to establish a beachhead in your mind is focused on one major rule; control the message.

As we now face a very important election the question that would help all understand is to focus on a question that asks, who is this candidate targeting and what is important to those folks. That is how a true picture of what will happen once the elections are over and the representative in the White House now executes the wishes of those that they feel voted them in.

There are no easy answers and if we want truth, we must go past being entertained and fed emotional sound bites that have no real specifics. Society is complex and because it is disconnected, there are those that will exploit that situation to create opportunities for themselves.

Ideas are not simple and execution of ideas is too complicated with too many moving parts in order to accept people at face value; we must research. Just to remind you; Research is the systematic investigation into and study of materials and sources in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions.