By Hipolito Navarrete, Managing Editor/Publisher

The most concerning aspect about the actions about this presidency is a tendency for many folks to look at what is happening and have those same folks that in another moment would have condemned the actions of this administration, protect them. Many folk are acting as if they are surprised and are just trying to understand what is happening, meanwhile they do nothing to halt the damage that is being done to the one country that supposedly spouses individual rights and justice. These folks keep showing everyone that their focus is self-enrichment, aggrandizement and a strong attraction toward authoritarianism, with the perception that they would be the beneficiaries of such a government, or they feel that those dictators in power will do those things that they would do because they are just like them. There does not seem that a moment is coming soon when these same folks will take an honest look at what is going on and decide that this is destroying their homeland. It feels that they are either addicted to the drama or are fully in love with the character this administration exhibits. They seem to be okay with the damage they do those that they do not feel connected to, the poor, the disabled, people of color, women, etc.

There is no way about this, the current administration is about obfuscation, more than likely because they are making it up as they go, we hope. If this is a planned strategy, well then we are seriously in a lot more trouble than we perceive. Your mad uncle Joe is in power and he will hurt people before he steps down. How is this acceptable? Is there betrayal at the heart of this administration? Did they want to win so bad they were willing to compromise the ideas that make this country so appealing to those that consider freedom a positive state of humanity? Freedom is defined as such: absence of subjection to foreign domination or despotic government. We need to be observant of what is happening and be very practical as to where all these choices the current administration will lead us. However, there seems to be a lot of pause from those that would be able to really protect the idea the United States was built on. Why is there nothing being done? What are they gaining? Who is being hurt by their choices? Do they not care? Is it because it serves their financial and moral agenda, an agenda forged on the fires of white supremacy, just pay attention to the choices that they are making for those people they hate and the people that they are willing to sacrifice.