By Hipolito Navarrete, Managing Editor/Publisher

Barney Fife is in charge and it’s not funny. To whoever has watched “The Andy Griffith Show,” you know that Barney (Don Knotts) is the deluded cousin the sheriff and was given the job just because of that. He is only allowed one bullet because of Barney’s lack of judgment and intelligence. He follows his emotions and thinks very little of the consequences for others.

I am not just referring to the president, but to all folks that are administering for this administration. They seem bent on being right rather than being moral. Sheriff Taylor, (Andy Griffith), the moral equivalent of an apologist, is also dangerously immoral as he allowed and supported many of Barney’s thoughtless excursions into these dangerous antics of a child with a gun, just because he is a “nice guy who wouldn’t hurt a fly, on purpose.”

There are so many dangerous characters in this administration that now we can see that the set up is now over and we are now on the full movement into an administration that is setting itself up to be right and beyond reprimand. It’s using the law as the weapon it was never meant to be. People like Stephen Miller are getting their dreams of hurting those people he hates en masse. There is not much interference as those “fans” that have been tricked by Russian strategists to believe the worst in people. These new Republicans seem to be looking for all the evidence they can find that justifies their fears and drives their hate for others, especially those that do not look like them. The most of these folks are aware of what they are doing and are very pleased to do it. These are the new fascists that will hurt an infant and feel justified to do it. By the time they get to the adults, if the population is indeed in their side, there won’t be any second thoughts.

There are many comparisons between what is happening now and what has happened in the past, but its not the same. In the past, this could be done in a clandestine manner. Who would have known about a remote Walmart, “Camp Trump,” in a state that agrees with what this administration is doing, very few and by the looks of the security around it, they may not have made it out.

We are in a very dangerous moment that can only be addressed by loud protests that will remind these folks that there are consequences to their actions. The outcry from marginalized communities is not heard or ignored because it is still muffled by the lack of presence in media, but there is much more that can be done and it is up to us to support those that will act in the face of this atrocities.

What we do, encourage and if necessary, confront those that do not vote and start being much more vocal about your views, these folks certainly are. Be more politically involved or support the work being done in your local school district. If you don’t like what is going on, being involved is how you can make a change and how you magnify your voice. Get informed thoroughly, these folks are well versed in law and religion, they are also well prepared speakers and conversationalists, learn to defend your perspective because many times you will have no effect on committed racists, but you might on those around them.