By Hipolito Navarrete, Managing Editor/Publisher

“The Wall, build it.” We keep hearing this chant because white supremacists feel this is one ways that they will be able to control the flow of “illegals” in to these United States. They also have many allies that do not see this as an issue of exclusion, but rather as an issue of sovereignty and that is a fair concern, but not a real one. However, as with any other general concern, the white supremacy folks have extended its reach and are the ones who have been fanning this narrative since the early days of this nation, and pushed this narrative to its current crescendo over many generations of fear. They have used the “high character” paradigm from a Christian perspective that has been corrupted.

This narrative has also been expanded to many other issues that are related but not the same, DACA is one of those issues, and folks fleeing from death and war are also not the same. Folks that are looking for a better life is what the ideal of this country stands for, even though many of those citizens in power have always made it very difficult for those that are not from western European ancestry to find a foothold, including for the native peoples. Children brought here for whatever reason, do not have the options that these hateful adults seem to think they do. Suspension of reality seems to be their primary driver. As if a child or a tween and in many cases a young adult can make complicated decisions when their survival or parents are involved. This chant of a Wall has been given legs that it does not deserve, and the single minded focus of this presidency to unravel and destroy all laws that would protect those pushed to the margins of society is clearly based on the fear that Anglo folks are being targeted for extinction. This is the fear and a primary driving force of those that have now reached the pinnacle of this government again. This perceived plan of “white extinction” is clearly driven by the actions many of these folks are hoping to execute on those that they hate, and these folks have tried it in the past, and they claim it proudly.

The ultimate plan for these white supremacists is not separation of “the races” but the mass homicide of those that are different from them, first in color, as they are easier to identify, then all other traits that would make them feel uncomfortable to share a community with. It is a plan that is clearly understood by those that champion this attack on the “others” as this is the plan that they have used to attack and hurt many they hate throughout the ages. Bannon and his allies, this includes the head of the current administration, are now desperately making a “stand” because they fear they will lose control of all the relevant industry and governmental programs and processes in due time, may be as soon as 50 years, and they are right.

Why are they so enamored with an idea that would siphon so many resources from the much-needed real infrastructure works that should already be underway in this country? After all, the administration has a “builder” at the helm. “The Wall,” is less about the structure than about the ability for those full of hatred to scream an epithet to those they feel would be affected by it. Those anger filled folks, not all of them white, feel that because somehow at some point in their lives they became stakeholders in this country, others should not. Many of these folks who use this symbol of separation as a way to control the “hordes” coming through as if it was a scene from a zombie film or Game of Thrones, except these folks they are angry at or fearful of are brown and speak a different language, or are there plans of a wall along the Northern border that is not being discussed publicly? This hysteria has blinded their Faith, many claim that they are Christians; they should read The Beatitudes.