By Hipolito Navarrete, Managing Editor/Publisher

Sometimes there is no choice on what comes next professionally and individuals react or respond depending on their own level of comfort about their skill sets and confidence about their prospects for their professional life. Losing a job is considered one of the most difficult things that can happen to anyone, close to the experience to the death of a loved one. Are you prepared to bet on yourself?

As people figure out their next professional move, either as a personal decision or a decision that was made for them, there are too many emotions that can cloud the ability to make the best decision for personal growth and security. Yes, security, and this word has gotten a bad rap because it is considered the killer of dreams and innovation, but it may be the one emotion that will help you make the best choice for your self.

So what is it that makes you feel insecure about your next step? Is it the amount of money you would be making? Do you know how much money, after taxes, you need to live the life you live now? Do you know how much money to live a life that you want to reach next? What is it that you feel insecure, not confident or assured; uncertain and anxious; unsafe, about? Is it your talent, your age, your lack of experience, the perception of how potential employers judge your vast experience? Thorough thought about these feelings is very necessary because you must make a move toward something that will enrich your life and the life of those around you. Just replacing a salary is not a strategic move; it’s a desperate leap for safety without consideration for your own sanity and health. It is also crucial that you have conversations with people you trust so that you at least have a sounding board for your own perceptions about yourself. As you move throughout your professional career, your dreams must be tempered by practicalities of necessary skills, appropriate deadlines or timelines for your career, and the development of a network of professionals that will advise, guide or collaborate with you. Be aware of your deficits, so that you can find those that can partner with you because your skills are their deficits.

Trust your own assessment of your skills. Make sure that you are able to find an opportunity to understand what you are able to create that will benefit your own business, or another business that wants and needs your skill set. The true evidence of the your knowledge is the depth of complexity, specificity, accuracy and amount of time you take to respond to a question about the skills you claim or the projects you present as yours. Many people do as little as they can, especially if they are in a work group that is foolish and self-defeating. The only way you will be able to innovate and add your own special ingredient, is to be fully engaged. Always, always, always make sure you are being recognized for your achievements. You are not a sacrificial lamb and being a team player means that your specific work will help others rise to levels not expected, the discomfort of the spot light, will be very much overridden by the opportunities that are rightfully for you. Expected humility, a modest or low view of one’s own importance, can be used as a weapon or opportunity by others who are not prepared for the challenge that rises from your proficiency to usurp your work, its easier to destroy than to create. You are your best advocate, always. Be prepared to explain and/or defend your positions, if necessary, your family and you deserve this

Change is inevitable and although we must at times deal with it, it’s best to seek it and absorb it as part of the daily routine. It can appear as a new project, as a new skill, as a new co-worker, partner, etc. Innovation will only be possible if one accepts the amount of work and effort that must be spent to be ready for inopportune moments in your career or new opportunities that bring you closer to your passion, that one thing that will be the “strong and barely controllable emotion” that will lead you to expertise because that may be one of the things you were designed for to contribute to our humanity.