By Hipolito Navarrete, Managing Editor/Publisher

There are many people that are vulnerable all over the world, and this is by design. There are people that feel that allowing people to die in the street is a great opportunity to help others understand the consequences of their choices. A disregard of whether those choices are really there for those “derelicts” is not considered. The mentality of some who can create many opportunities because of their financial status, the perceived obligation of the well to do, has been usurped by the need to fulfill their own dreams and desires, even if they are achieved on the backs of others, we are now a society of predators and victims.

The challenge that the well moneyed community is now experiencing is how to deal with those that they do not respect, like or want. Their experience is a life where opportunities are available through their parents or the community they live in and they perceive that it was their work that got them there, not the education, professional network or family connection. They see those folks that are financially struggling as failures, as workers to be used as part of their schemes to develop or expand their financial visions. There is no us, there is I, and those.

We expect the wealthy to act according to the power and opportunity they have attained through the exploitation of the opportunities presented them just by their birth. How does one interject mindfulness on a whole community that is so far removed, as they always have been, from the other humans around them, compassion, sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others? Only through the law that is supposed to represent every one. All law has moral imperative, something that must happen because it is the right thing, the trouble is that we experiences is not what is the right thing, bot how do we accomplish that. If we see someone suffering, how we deliver support to that individual is irrelevant to the individual, the relief of their suffering is the point.

We have been drenched by the opportunistic fatalistic comments that get our attention and emotions stirred and cloud our judgment and have created a cynical and angry population because they feel there is nothing that can be done, and as long as they are not the ones suffering, oh well. Certain groups such as the Alt-Right, White Supremacists, individual racists then feel justified to resort to violence; verbal, mental of physical, which ever suits their emotional needs best. That makes them the perfect audience for “fake news” and “fake” folks who at some point we called fringe, are now coming to the main stage because they are being protected by a cloak of confusion and colluded with by many financially and politically that feel the same, but we must understand that this is a phase and there will be a reckoning. Our laws will prevail, and those that hurt others, will face their full force.