By Hipolito Munoz, Managing Editor/Publisher

One more Muslim family gets kicked out of an airplane, some people are outraged but many others explain that it’s just the policy of the airline. Some Police officers kill folks, and many people excuse it because they feel scared or dismissive of those killed. As time distances us from those events, those that commit them feel more compelled to commit more offences because our silence is interpreted as complicity.



As these actions develop into regular events in our new redesigned country, our society is threatened by the real complicity and need of politicians to ask and receive money from the very wealthy. This has created a vulnerable situation for all of us. A study by Martin Galen’s of Princeton University claims that this relationship between the very wealthy, Koch Brothers, Warren Buffett, etc.… is creating a situation in which the general population’s impact on public policy is becoming “a miniscule, near-zero, statistically non-significant impact upon public policy.” We are missing how we, as a community, are fragmenting ourselves into fearful and aggressive camps that will destroy our society because many “regular” citizens do not know how to address the results of misleading policies that are meant to keep the wealthy in control. There are also opportunistic and hateful individuals that use these inequities to shape fear and disenfranchisement into hate and violence. A very real outcome when folks are hurting and there seems to be no one there to hear them and give them real solutions and hope to their immediate situations. Take a look at this highly disturbing documentary, “Reinassanse,”  from Aleksandr Panov from 2015, it will open your eyes and will help you understand why refugees are being left to die,

Where do these folks get the ideas of violence, physical, emotional and financial, that what they are proclaiming its okay? Most importantly, they seem to have identified the disturbing reality that some people in power agree and seem to be okay with what they are doing. Where is this coming from? Well, it seems that history does repeat itself. The chosen one this time is a billionaire who had his father give him a tiny check of one million dollars to boot strap him while he found his calling. That by the way would be around seven million in today’s economy. In order for us to create a better society for our youth, we need to pay attention on what people are saying, why are they saying it and how does that affect the actions of those that listen to him. If we do not, we are indeed complicity. Inaction is not an option.