So 2016 is here and folks are making promises they are hoping will happen through osmosis or at least through what they feel is a miracle.

What is so important about these resolutions to be successful? That you own them, that they are truly yours. Why do you want it? Is it because you need it? Are they really important to you? How are you planning to make them happen?

If you need another job, or to find one, create a plan so that you can have a set of steps that you can follow, and start at the beginning. You want to learn how to play guitar? That is awesome, great choice. Do you have a guitar that you can just pick up? Do you have weekly exercises that you can work on, what is it that you want to do by the end of the year? If you respond that you will be on stage with Eric Clapton, you are lying to yourself. If you want to be able to play the pentatonic scale by the end of the month… you are right on the money.

Get yourself together and start being realistic, you know yourself, you know what you are willing to do, may be not what you are capable of doing. This is an opportunity for you to be or find who it is that you are supposed to be. If you want to lose weight… no, I am not going there. May be tackle your attitude; what are you most afraid of? Take time to think about this, write it in your diary and see what you can figure out. What is it that you want to develop this year, a better body, a better mind or/and a better attitude? Those are huge goals that you may want to rethink. Do you want to be healthier, okay, then don’t eat donuts every day, eat one on the weekends with your café. You want to travel more, than start with trips within your city; if you happen to live on a large city, go figure out why tourists are constantly visiting. Do you want to be a better person? Well, good luck with that. Happy New Year!