By Hipolito Navarrete, Managing Editor/Publisher

When Dr. Jill Stein, M.D., asked the US citizens and residents to support her effort to have a vote recount in some of the states where irregularities may have happened, it was the first time any political leader made a calculated effort to make sure our electoral institutions would be above reproach, and it gave opportunity for recourse for many who were stunned and flabbergasted by the presidential election results. So now that the minimum of the $6 to $7 million US dollars required for the count, it has given the faithful an opportunity to revisit a moment from which they were left tragically disillusioned. This moment has brought about racial violence, close to 1,000 instances of racial and religious violent acts  have been reported, and the difference now as to before the election, is that the perpetrators were open and rejoiced as they committed those crimes. There has been a shift in the general culture in the country, and it happened in one day, mostly many predators now feel safe because the vitriolic nature of the political contest allowed those that would generally manage themselves more humanely, now feel that they do not have to now. Many are surprised, a few are in shock, but many people of color are just responding like Dave Chapelle or Richard Pryor would, “Surprise,” followed by a chuckle.

Because of Dr. Stein’s effort, many of the disillusioned, have now regained control of their senses and are now beginning to prepare for an attack on civil liberties as we have not experienced in our lifetimes. An overt operation lead by a government that feels it should roll back those gains for what they feel is the good of the individual, even if that individual is a corporation. The GOP is now at the center of the fear that is now beginning to convert into a resolved and defiant movement to protect those in the community that would be hurt by the cabinet that has been chosen to not govern, but to rule, over the US population for the next four years. This political defiance is the better option than other types as it will allow folks to create a better union and to reach out across the lines to all that feel disenfranchised. The president elect already has allegedly committed constitutional breaches that have not been seen before and has no clue on how to conduct himself diplomatically, a critical skill in creating alliances.

So many folk have donated, according to the website; “as of November 25, we were grateful to have received about 110,000 contributions at an average amount of $45.” Those that donated feel a little more control as they do what engaged citizens do, try to keep some sense of control in a world that is getting more complicated and confusing. So now with this new level of empowerment, may be more leaders with clear and focused intentions will use this new tool to unleash their efforts to create a just and equal society. Financial prowess now seems to be more egalitarian.

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