By Hipolito Navarrete, Managing Editor/Publisher

It has been a tremendous week for Trump lovers, they have seen his true colors and they are relieved and rejoicing that they were right about him. He is a racist, misogynistic idiot, who will use his influence and money to get what he wants, regardless of who he hurts. He calls himself a businessman in order to excuse his thievery and his deceptive practices that would land many in jail. He inherited enough money to last him a lifetime of failures and still live a lavish lifestyle. He has earned the admiration and loyalty of those that would be like him.

Trump is a 70-year-old crybaby who has reminded a certain group that he is the goal they always wanted to attain. The power afforded him by those that needed and were/are willing to look away from his perverse beliefs is a lesson to all, we are flawed and we are more vulnerable than we think. We have allowed a small group to place us in a basket that they can maneuver through lies and messages that help us feel okay about how we are destroying each other and the world. A media that sells our emotions in order to make those already in power more powerful constantly distracts us. They sell us shows that are entertaining and dangerous, we have learned to shut our minds so that we can relax for a moment because of the stress of our daily lives.

Those that are still looking at Trump as their candidate, as the closest representation they have to themselves, are the dangerous ones. They are the ones that will intuitively execute those actions that Trump, as president would be checked on by the opposition party. However, the neighbor who admires and wants to live out Trumps promise, will be the one that will cheat his business partners, will bring violence on those that he does not care for, and will hurt women because he feels he can or more disturbing, he should. Because that is what his idol would do.

When I first started writing aggressively about this man, there were no other writers or media outlets looking at him for what he is, a confused man who wants to get all he wants for himself, and may be his family. Now that they are finally exposing him for who he is, their fear of losing viewers or subscribers is still stopping them from also exposing his fans, he prefers fans than constituents. That is very troublesome because his army of executioners is waiting for him to win or lose; he has already begun their “revolution.”