Hipolito Navarrete, Managing Editor/Publisher

With so much at stake on what the electoral-college delegates decide to do this Monday December 19, it is difficult to see people dismissing the Trojan horse maneuver that has been executed through cyber means by one of the most ruthless dictators alive. The US is designed to withstand such attack, but there are going to be many consequences to the world population and if individuals continue to sob and not act, it will create a situation where they will lose grasp of their ability to correct the violations that are already being executed by the oligarchy that has maneuvered itself into power. There isn’t so much to learn about the new administration other than that they are about money. Their constant concern is simple, money and how do they make it easier for others like themselves, to make more of it. Once they are off power, in 4 or 8 years, they will be able to comfortably get back into those positions that they are walking away from because they will have created the economic opportunities that they will be able to best exploit. When I say others like them, the voters that ushered them in, are not who they consider as equals.

The US public is already moving along to accept the pain that they must deal with, but if they are to protect a process that may have been jeopardized and abused by those that supported the financial elite’s grab for power, they must wake up fast. Most of the public servants that are now excited to have a strong man in the White House keep thinking that they are the keepers of a tradition that keeps control of a population that has lost its way. They rather destroy a culture that is in contrast to their beliefs, rather than look for what is good and fair for those who struggle daily to find sustenance and their place in a world that seems bent on beating them up. There is no question that this election reminds all that democracy is fragile, and expectations of a better life can be used against those that do not have a clear picture of what is happening all around them or the path toward that American dream.

The folks coming into power have a very simple message, “we will destroy all that is in place now, regardless of who it serves and how.” Most of the president elect’s picks have serious disagreements or are just seriously disconnected with the folks those departments serve. Some folks are in a seriously stumped, they no longer have an idea of what is going to happen after the swearing in of the new administration other than that many of the things that have been developed, may not be there and if the empty promises are any indication of what will happen, than all points out that nothing will replace those institutions under their management, and those that voted him in, will suffer consequences far more grievous than they expect, and they will suffer it quietly.