By Polo Munoz, Managing Editor/Publisher

The act of terrorism executed yesterday in Paris, was just horrible. There is no excuse and it must be squarely put on the shoulders of those that have been murdering other Muslims for years and the world has done nothing to stop them. We have seen videos of people being decapitated, being thrown off roofs because they are gay, raped because they are women and all of this has to do with psychopaths being in charge because they are willing to kill people that do not agree with them in the most horrific ways. This past week they executed 200 children just because, no other reason.

We need to be more sophisticated in our thinking process and then we must be swift and strong and committed to destroy those that would harm those of us who want to make this world a better place. There is an end result to hate, and we are now seeing it. We also should not stop with ISIS there are many other terrorist organizations that we must hunt down, is it going to cost us casualties, yes and because of that we must be willing to take care of those who choose to fight this war for us. We must also be vigilant so that we and our government do not become exactly what we fear. We must now, more than ever, be vigilant and protective of our freedoms. We must become who we were meant to become and not what these psychopaths are hoping we become, just like them.

I spent several weeks in Paris, and the beauty of the city is just enviable. The people to me were charming and friendly and the cafes were just what my soul needed at the time. This is a moment to act and to act very strategically. We can not just over react and destroy innocent lives because we are not terrorists.