By Hipolito Munoz, Managing Editor/Publisher

Well, Trump is Trump. A bigoted, misogynistic, racist 69 year old silver spooned old-man who lusts after his own daughter, 34 year old Ivanka Trump, and calls his wife, 45 year old Melanie Trump a young piece of ass, and who thinks the $1000,000 dollar little loan given him by his father to start his business was a quaint sum.

He is exactly who he is and I am not fazed by his vitriolic vomit, sadly, if he really ends up having a sincere change of heart, I am going to be one of those too skeptical to give him a chance. But of course, if you remember that he called me a murderer and a rapist, I may have a reason to be resentful.

I feel strongly that Donald Trump will never change because he does not have to. He is a hero to those that feel he best represents an “American” spirit that is being taken over by intruders, even if those intruders are US citizens. He also has those powerful and influential individuals like Lorne Michaels who are happy to give him a platform in order to fulfill a sick need to be edgy instead of compassionate. There is nothing to learn from Trump, except that this country can still be a dangerous place for those who seek a better life for themselves and their children.