So an American-Muslim congresswoman is at a bar among friends and confidantes, and her passion gets the best of her and she exclaimed what one of her goals for running for congress was and now that she has won, she is clearly very aware of why she is there and the president’s minions are trying to “squash” the “dissension” that the people elected as a response to the hate and aggression that has been rained by this administration upon them for the last two years.

The Muslim ban, the attack on any refugees from the middle east and the disrespectful and indescribably irresponsible and incompetent manner the administration has misused the military to try and quench his power trip. The man in office has proved to anyone without a doubt that he has not clue how powerful that position is and how dangerous his decisions are because he has never had the power he claimed to have, otherwise he would be more sober and conscientious about his decisions and his actions.

The great pretender did enamor those that wanted, hoped and wished that he was as competent as those pretend billions seemed to prove. They hoped deeply that his talent and penchant for creating opportunities was real and bet on a perception, not on a truth; but then again, to this group they have their own definition of reality.

His fans voted for him because they knew his authentic self was as close as to what their savior would be. They, the republican intelligentsia, knew this, when they chose to support him after vilifying him, they were excited to have a person that would be as “authentic” as he is to just “tell their truth.” David Duke, Steve Bannon, Sebastian Lukács Gorka, Stephen Miller, and those other who hate any one who does not bow down to them and the billionaires that are fully on board because of the money he awarded them through the tax reform, are both dangerous and ruthless, and Trump admires them. He is just making sure he keeps his allies close at hand. What his fans found was a person whose moral compass is easily maneuvered in a manner that benefits the party, and Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan played on that as much as they could and McConnell will continue to do so. At the end of the day, everyone around him will benefit, there is a question that he will.

What has happened with these past two years has been a terrible disappointment to the white supremacists and other violent and hateful individuals. They are literally punching and vilifying all those they feel do not belong in their world, the proof is all over social media. They have tried all manners of tactics and now the irrational call for a possible and unnecessary national emergency that would allow the use of troops to quell what the consider a rebellion brought about by the angry and mobilized population that voted the new congress in.

So it does make sense that whatever any of the new Democratic representatives do, dancing, singing, or cursing under any circumstances will be seen as an opportunity to try and discredit the new representatives of the people.

These attacks on Rashida Tlaib, a lawyer who is the U.S. Representative for Michigan’s 13th Congressional district and the first Palestinian American woman in Congress, was filmed ranting against Donald Trump at an event for the political action group MoveOn, near Capitol Hill, on her first day in Congress is a sign of desperation and it is also a sign of the terrible things to come over this next year.

Congresswoman Tlaib, swore to “hold him accountable”. “Look, I truly believe he is racist — and that’s probably controversial — he is,” she said. So here you are, she is true to her word and to her electorate, just like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, she represents the people that elected her, and the operatives within Republican party are looking for any way to discredit and continue to gaslight their constituents, but those that supported Representative Tlaib, and her colleagues are done with intimidation and lies.