By Polo Munoz, Managing Editor/Publisher

Calamities remind us of what we have and what we need. Sandra Bullocks latest film, “Our Brand is Crisis,” put in perspective the strategic actions that we must be looking for when we start supporting our political system. The individuals have one goal, to win and in some cases at all costs. What was disconcerting for me, is that when I walked into the theater, I was more vigilant than I have ever been about who was there, where they were sitting and where so seat in case some “emergency” happened. Once my friend pointed to where she preferred to seat, I fought against my own instincts to not say anything to her about my process. I decided to just sit and own my choice to allow fear to fight me but not control me.

The film is a reminder on how vigilant we must be as we give power to individuals who are in it for them and to also look at their past actions and to listen carefully at their words so that we can make careful choices about who we allow to lead the mechanism through we execute our countries needs. Although the film takes place in Bolivia, it certainly resonates with us, all we have to do is listening to the hate speeches some of those that would occupy the white house scream at us.

Sandra Bullocks performance is just spot on, she gives us a look into a smart, intelligent broken political campaign professional who has a singular job and uses all her assets to make it happen. Although not the most exciting film out there, it is one of the most insightful and relevant films to see.