Hipolito Navarrete, Managing Editor/Publisher

Finding authentic stories told from the perspective of others is tough, especially when it is about women. “Good Girls Revolt,” an Amazon original series is a fantastic window into a moment in time that allow us to preview the challenges of professional women in journalism. I would want to say its 1969 so it’s a long past, but not really, its less than 50 years ago and the same discussions are being had today in a more pertinent spaces. Where are the women in power that make decisions that affect millions of workers, there are very few and most have had to align their strategies to that of male colleagues because otherwise they may not be able to occupy those offices.

The show is very much an intimate window into how women are affected every day in any environment that they deal with male coworkers, it’s an open invitation to view the challenges and questions a woman pursuing a career will eventually face. The sophomoric comments of young men who may find her attractive and feels that they need to make amorous moves or comments just to see if they have a romantic opportunity, those women who face sexual violence are unfortunately still a lot more common than those that are just able to pursue their dreams to be part of a world that offers opportunity for them, but limits them when they choose to pursue it. The importance of the series is further upheld by giving us a glimpse of the struggles these women lived in their respective worlds. Their relationships with their significant others and the maneuvering they had to execute every day in order to fulfill their own authentic needs.

The program is rated for Mature Audiences because of sexual situations, which is a shame because there are many young women and men that would benefit from viewing and conversing about the topics addressed by this complex and complicated series. It’s also a shame that Amazon studios decided to cancel the program but hopefully others will see the originality of this project and be inspired to get back to presenting these types of stories, even if they have low ratings, they are a lot more important than shows about nothing.