By Hipolito Navarrete, Managing Editor/Publisher

This is time for transparency…. and difficult conversations. The electoral collage did its job and voted the person who won the presidency as designed by the rules of the game. This is important because at the end of the day, we need to make sure we protect the process so this republic can last at least another 200 years. Although the focus has always been that there is an “America” that gives hope to everyone, that is never been the case, it has always given hope to those that it was designed for even through the struggles and the pain of others. There is no doubt in anybody’s mind that this is the house that was built with a purpose in mind, help those that look like us find the best opportunities here. What has been a problem within those that do not look like them is that those different than them, do not seem to grasp that they are not wanted, they are not desired and they are marginalized because that is how the process was designed. The mantra on the white supremacist or Alt-Right as they now try to rebrand themselves, is that those that this country belongs to us, let it be known once and for all, and it is time to change that, and this will only happen through active citizens willing to deal with the anger and violence that will be part of the next four years.


As far as Donald Trump, he is a globalist. He is the businessman that is looking for deals all over the world and will make his home wherever he feels will give him those options, as New York does now. He is the ultimate legal opportunist, he will make sure that within the next four years the riches of the world are made available to his family, not his businesses but his family. People who voted for him long for his type of life, one that seems luxurious and easy, as it has been emulated by many of the celebrities they hate, but admire. They are not his family, they are his subjects, they are his fans. How does language help with transparency? It must be accurate and clear. Hyperbole is great for sales and marketing but not for action and change. There has been very little clarity as how we all perceive where we are, the individual is supposed to be at the center of the constitution, but we have allowed the individual to become the victim of whoever decides to interpret it, and the president elect knows that. He is no fool, he is cunning and strategic, however, his skills are being used to lower our expectations of a president elect, he wants us to perceive him as a business leader elect, where whoever gets hurt, its just the cost of doing business. How this conflict of ideas will be resolved is murky and impossible.