By Hipolito Navarrete, Managing Editor/Publisher

Girlboss is tragic in so many levels that in order to fully comprehend the triumph of this raunchy, stylish, infuriating young woman, Sophia Amoruso, one must watch the entire season of 13 episodes. Unfortunately it was not renewed for a second season, which really exemplifies that networks are still lacking the moral fortitude to showcase all stories and use financial opportunism to make decisions to not produce relevant and representative content, but that is another story.

The show as it clearly states at the beginning of every episode, is loosely based on true events, as most shows are. These true stories about real people or that happened to real people in this case it is based on entrepreneur Sophia Amoruso’s journey to create her eBay shop into a power brand. The show depicts the obsessive dedication, the lack of boundaries and the constant focus that most start-ups need from their founders in order to survive, most don’t have this type of energy or focus. This particular story is the story of what it takes to support a successful opportunity. Sophia’s reaction to the challenges she encounters is what this show is about, the lack of experience, mindfulness and obsessive focus on being right all the time. Her willingness to walk away from what and who she does not believe, believe in her and the consequences brought on by those decisions is a fantastic depiction of what narcissism may look like, but its more about what fear does to an inexperienced and hurt individual. Although the story has many other characters, they all are part of her supporting cast and it seems that main reason they support her is because she has a talent and a singular focus on success. Her talent and the financial success she has been able to gain because of it, has brought to her a group of folks that appreciate that and success lubricate her insulting and demeaning thoughtlessness, as many would interpret.

Girlboss is very raw and cringe worthy, there are many scenes where it seems we are watching a train wreck and as with most entrepreneurs, she recognizes and uses her talents to drive what truly belongs to her, her choices. The lessons for entrepreneurs and the challenges for anyone who has developed or made a strong effort are here, you won’t notice if you don’t understand the process. Other than that, even if only one season is all that is produced, this show will gain a following because it is authentic, raw and entertaining, like life should be.