By Hipolito Navarrete, Managing Editor/Publisher

Get your popcorn, find your seat and turn your mind off, “Independence Day: Resurgence” is now playing. This movie will give you a moment to reconnect with your 12 year old self, unless you are 12 years old, if so, get some nachos with that popcorn. With all the special effects, it makes sense that its budget was reported to be $165,000,000. Hopefully, the total box office should help it recuperate the cost and may be the marketing of the film, which may translate to the production of one more film in the series, as promised in the last scenes.

The storyline is of course designed to be predictable; there have been some improvements in the way earthlings now use the alien technology that was part of the spoils of the last war. However, this time their enemies are bettered prepared this time and their purpose is two fold, the other story line, I found fun, and the new ship is just huge, the Cadillac of spaceships.

Why see this movie? Its popcorn fun and it’s a reconnection to the past characters, but it is also obvious that some of the money came from China. Co-productions with other countries especially coproducing with China means that they must shine a positive light in the country and must cast major characters as actors, Chin Han, should have been given a meatier role, and killing him off was a crappy move.

It’s obvious that money opens doors in Hollywood, but here is hoping that the last installment of this series, and I hope they produce it, will have a less campy style.