By Hipolito Navarrete, Managing Editor/Publisher

Denis Leary, yep that dude, created a new show that should not be watched by children or by adults that are uncomfortable with the trials and tribulations of a still wannabe but never was famous rocker who is still trying to make it, and now he is riding his crazy talented daughter’s coat tails, even though he just met her, or found out about her.

This show is just a no excuses, here is what it is to be this character and in this situation in a world that is just trying to survive as a musician while the marketers make all the money and the artists are trying to survive, while doing drugs and drinking too much, and, well, imagine the rest. This is a story about; “Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll.”

Here is a show that looks at the dream finally moving forward… after 25 years. Los Angeles is still considered dreamland, although the show is set in New York, it feels like those artists that roam around Sunset Blvd in the music venues that populate that iconic LA boulevard.

Although a comedy, the story is the basic family found vibe wrapped in a rock and roll fantasy, we all long for that, without the suffering and the mistakes.

Denis Leary has been a controversial comedian for over 25 years. His new effort is not for family, like most of his work, but “ Sex And Drugs And Rock And Roll,” is a window into a lifestyle that most of us would fall into, if we had the chance. This is a rock and roll fantasy from the perspective of those struggling to still fulfill theirs.