By Hipolito Navarrete, Managing Editor/Publisher

This administration will end with a lot of “business” people being exposed for their malfeasance and some will go to jail. The Trump of business model has been alleged to use intimidation, obfuscation and using the law as a tool to make money and many of the corporation’s former associates claim that the corporation makes money by not paying its contractors and its bills.

Out of many problems this man has, one of them is his inability and/or unwillingness to consider others from the perspective of the needs of those that voted for him, he will be remembered for his alleged corruption and his lack of moral compass, and for revealing the corrupted hearts of many citizens who prefer to feel superior and want to be protected to be able to hurt those they hate.

For many decades people have complained about government, that it needed business people to make it more efficient without any understanding of how business and governance are in stark opposition to each other. A public official answers to the needs of the people and tries to balance what is best for the population she serves in order to create opportunities for all its citizens. As people in power take stewardship of a world that is positioning itself to move into the rest of the universe within the next hundred years, what about those that are not given every chance to prepare for such a vision.

What is the mission of a businessperson? To make money for the corporation they serve so that it survives and thrives, with out a moral compass, “enterprises” like slavery arise and people look away and/or justify it and celebrate it because of the riches it brings. The world has too many examples of wrongs perceived as making it right as long as on the long run it brings treasures to others, ignoring the cavalier examples of violence and crisis imposed on those that suffer tragic and painful consequences of need alleviated by greed.

Businesses should also be compassionate for those that collaborate with them, but many see their employers as cogs in a wheel who they are hoping to replace as soon as robots are available. We are on a course to exterminating ourselves because we have become so disconnected and fearful of each other. It is not just this administration that has made this a reality, its how this country evolved once it was founded, as a colony, therefore as masters of those that were already there.

As the political environment becomes more problematic or uncomfortable for the population in political power, those that are supposed to be there for the safety of the general public, public servants, become their tool for violent oppression. Religious leaders, political leaders and many educational leaders use the difficulties of emotional tribulations their supporters suffer as an excuse to oppress further those folks they see as pariah. On one hand, we mourn for children who are being bullied at schools or mistreated in their homes, rightly so, and on the other hand, we rip those that are most at risk from the arms and bosoms of their mothers, because they are different and we are angry at what they represent, vulnerability.

Politicians have learned to create rabid followers rather than constituents that will not give a chance to the “others” once those “leaders” lose the trust of a more tempered population. Transparency has given way to strategy and strategy has given way to an all out attack on moral decency.