By Hipolito Navarrete, Managing Editor/Publisher

There are films that immediately capture the heart and become instant classics. The grandeur of “Crazy Rich Asians,” is mesmerizing, it is shot beautifully and the pacing fits the romance and comic vent of the film, and most importantly it connects with the diverse audience its intended to celebrate.

Although it can look like a Hollywood cliché, it is exactly what many Hollywood cliché movies that failed were striving for. The beauty of the scenes and the actors, the sensibility of the story and the perception that it could be our story, regardless of ethnicity, is what makes us look in awe into the super rich and their challenges. The difference is that they are not the American rich, these are the old family rich that surpass even the old moneys in this new world.

The story is very personal and it reminds us that in the midst of the glamour, we are all human and we all need to be strong and prepared for a world that can be cutting. There are too many lessons that this film has and they were not lost to the audience. A comment made by Constance Wu’s character Rachel Chu, an economics professor at NYU, made me really take notice about my own decisions immediately, am I playing to win or playing not to lose? This is one of the many lines that struck me and it surprised me how strong it hit me. The family dynamics can be recognized easily as her love interest played by Henry Golding, Nick Young, a rich heir to a billionaire Singaporean–Chinese family, described to Rachel all of the archetypes we are used to seeing in our family, but wealthy.

The success of this film is very clear, it connects with the audience because it is a celebration of family and the goodness that can be found in all of us. It also reminds us of the opportunities and the important decision to become more ourselves in order to be accepted and accept those that choose to love us. We all want to be told; “I love who I am around you,” that is a lot healthier than to tell any one that they complete you.

“Crazy Rich Asians,” is a beautiful accomplishment by Director Jon M. Chu, who was also named in the book by Kevin Kwan, which I will be buying this week to read, and yes, I cried. Go see it; it is playing everywhere.