By, Hipolito Munoz, Managing Editor/Publisher

What are you thankful for? Well depends on who you are, your current situation and who your ancestors were, I am pretty sure we all have very different reasons. There is a change happening in our country and around the world, those who have been victimized are “mad as hell and are not taking it anymore.”

Women all over the world and their supporters are uniting against violence that has been terrorizing them since, well since the beginning of time. People of Color are now calling into accountability the continuous degradation and violence they have suffered against the powers that will make every effort to subjugate them, and many others are also now facing their fears by making sure their humanity shines first.

This has been an extraordinary year and much of it has been launched through the maturing of social media strategies and the ability to launch coherent campaigns to bring to light injustices all over the world, and much of the world has responded. We are all struggling to find a balance that allows us to carry on with our new collaboration to expand social justice and at the same time create barriers that would allow us to be safer. There is where the danger lurks, that balance that is subjugated by our emotions; safety vs liberty.

There is a maturity happening that many folks are registering in their radar and rather than ignoring it, many are willing to do more work and some are willing to expand that connective spirit of solidarity with people that we seem to consider the others. Refugees from the Middle East, women in Africa and the Middle East, field workers in the US, black teens.

We are at a crossroads, the ice caps are melting, violent groups are rising and taking advantage of our disbelief in their cruel and criminal actions, and our reluctance to act comes from our own humanity. Thanks to social media, we are able to mobilize and bring those brutal actions to light and provide evidence to those that prefer to pretend that those things are not happening or that they are not close or relevant to us.

I am thankful that we are acknowledging these tragedies, and extremely thankful that most of us are responding in very humane ways, I am hopeful our governments catch up to us.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving 2015!