By Hipolito Navarrete, Managing Editor/Publisher

Fancy words, elevated jargon, creative articulation, however and whatever communication tools people decide to use to dismiss your comments, you must learn to understand that when you are speaking or debating with anyone, it is about ideas, if someone succeeds in shutting you down or succeeds in confusing you, that may be because you are simply unprepared to defend your sentiments, or you just do not know what your feelings really are about those issues you claim to champion. If you are willing to stand up and face the type of attacks on your ideas you must understand the tactics involved in attacking them. Many of the Alt-Right, White Supremacists, are using precisely this tactics to silence voices and that lack of preparation from many who support civil rights are now endangering many gains made for the working classes and the poor, you must be clear why you feel so strongly about civil liberties and be able to articulate them. You must be the most active trustee of your ideology.

The Alt-Right Movement is painting itself as an identity movement and intends to usurp the platform created by people of color and women, who have struggled to develop a voice that is powerful enough to move folks to action, to attack and take down unjust and damaging laws designed to fulfill and enforce the beliefs of politically active groups who use the laws for economic and civil control. The white supremacy movement is decrying losing an identity that they feel has been maligned by others and especially are fearful to lose the power that the identity has given them. They claim that the color of their skin is evidence of their birthright to power. This is very much inverse to what the Civil Rights movement is about, not being subject to being violently attacked because of the color of their skin. For the Alt-Right, White Supremacists, this claim is about having the ability to hurt those that would not agree with their political and economic policy. For them, this new movement is to reestablish political establishment power because of fear and so that they can pursue and achieve retribution for losing the status these folks feel belong to them.

All through their struggle folks of color and women have been able to find a lot of support from a large portion of the majority of Anglo and European Ancestry Americans and have began to take their place as citizens of the country that they were either brought to, or came to, because of the promise they heard from the USA all over the world; that in the good old USA they would find Liberty and Justice for ALL. That certainly would not be the case for the Native American nor the African-American community; their story is far more tragic. All of the folks that are claiming that any part of the world belongs exclusively to them are centering on the concept that you can will something to be true and if you repeat it enough times it will become true, and that would include using intimidation and if that does not work, violence. This is a dangerous time and all folks need to understand that no one will win through violence, there is no way that a country can enslave infinitely 100,000,000 folks, that is what the Alt-Right, White Identity, groups will find out if they are thinking that now is the time to take the opportunity to act, in whatever ways they want to achieve their goals.

Folks need to also continue to educate and include in all these conversations those folks that are suffering in poverty regardless of their skin color. Those that understand the challenge of not having must be champions for all have-nots, the Latino community must reach out to all communities and find the one mustard seed that will support the understanding of what being a community means. There is no choice to make other than being inclusive and communal. Those folks like white nationalist Richard Spencer have found a career refining hate. His followers listen because he sounds reasonable and elegant, we must make this clear to all and help them understand that what he wants is impossible to achieve, unless you really understand that his final motive is to erase all others, through any means necessary, and if you decide to sit in the sidelines, then Spencer has found an ally in you.